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Hogsmeade Weekenders is a social club for Harry Potter fans, cosplayers, #potterbounders and muggles regardless of size, color, age, ability, orientation or gender.

Physically based in the L.A. area, our group was founded in 2017 for meeting at Universal Studios Hollywood. The desire to create an inclusive, welcoming group has been the guiding star of all that we do. 

Over the years our small group has expanded beyond the park to include wizard-themed field trips and over 600 members from around the world. 

During the pandemic we pivoted to center our community online with virtual activities that earn points for a monthly House Championship and monthly virtual events.

Our online community raised over $3,500 during quarantine for causes such as the American Cancer Society, helping unhoused people, the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition and other charitable causes.

Today we blend our online community and in-person events. Whether online or in person we continue to shine love and lumos wherever we can. Always.

About Us

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