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Hogwarts Halloween, Saturday, October 22, 2022

Our long-awaited photo booth experience has got a new date! And, it's on our birthday!  


We will be celebrating 5 years of magic with a photo booth experience at the Geeky Teas Mini Pop-up Craft Faire on Saturday, October 22, 2022. During this special event, vendors and Weekenders alike will be celebrating the spirit of the Halloween season and the enchanting world of witchcraft and wizardry.

The Hogwarts Halloween mini pop-up craft fair at Geeky Teas & Games will take place from 11am-6pm. There you’ll have a chance to shop a variety of handmade items, win an epic Prisoner of Azkaban themed prize box, take photos with Hogwarts professors, and enter in costume contests for kids and adults.

The fair will feature goodies from:


Cuties Craft Lab

Wee Bit O' Geek

West Coast Wizard Works

At the Hogsmeade Weekenders photo booth you or your little ones can take photos with Hogwarts professors for FREE in front of our immersive 3D background, as well as enter the costume contest. There will also be a pin board for trading and free goody bags for the first 24 visitors to our booth. Contest time TBA.

Halloween costumes, cosplay, house spirit outfits, Potterbounds, and witchy attire in general is highly encouraged. Every Weekender that dresses up will be awarded 100 house points on the spot. 

See what Weekenders are discussing about Hogwarts Halloween on our private Facebook event page* and follow us on Instagram for more news. 

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