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Hogsmeade Weekenders Constitution


Mission Statement

Hogsmeade Weekenders is a social club for ALL Harry Potter fans, cosplayers, #potterbounders and muggles.


We’re dedicated to creating an inclusive, safe space online and in person for fans to geek out about everything from the Wizarding World.


Every shape, size, color, age, ability, orientation and gender is magical. We are committed to inclusivity and stand with our Trans Potterhead family. Always. 


Physically centered in the L.A., our in-person events take place at Universal Studios Hollywood and other locations in the Los Angeles/Southern California region. 

Table of Contents

Non-Negotiable Rules

Facebook & Forum Posting Etiquette

Digital Media Code of Conduct

Volunteer Bylaws

Volunteer Roles & Responsibilities

Table of Contents

Non-Negotiable Rules

Respect others online and in person at all times.


Violent or unwanted physical contact will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

  • Such behavior and will result in immediate removal from all platforms and the individual will be blocked from all social media and banned from all future events. 


Hostile, hateful and/or threatening behavior and/or speech is not tolerated.

  • Individuals may receive one warning (depending on severity) before being removed from all platforms, blocked from all social media and banned from all future events. 

Unacceptable behavior and/or speech can include, but is not limited to:

  • Hitting, kicking, slapping, pinching, spitting, etc.

  • Unwanted sexual or flirtatious behavior

  • Racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, ableist, ageist and/or derogatory remarks towards any group or individual 

  • Anything interpreted as hate speech or anything remotely of the kind

Non-Negotiable Rules

Facebook & Forum Posting Etiquette

Overtly political, snarky, rude, offensive and/or deliberately mean posts may be removed by admin at any time and will result in a warning. Repeat offenses can result in removal from the Facebook group and/or forum page(s) on

Inaccurate and/or duplicate posts may also be removed (for example several people sharing the same event or sharing an event with incorrect dates/times or a broken link). 

Posting your Harry Potter/Wizarding World-themed creations is encouraged. If you sell HP crafts PLEASE promote and share, but keep it limited to one promotional post per week.

Feel free to share events hosted by other groups (the more the merrier!) following a few basic guidelines: 

  • No repeat posts please. Only post each event once. 

  • Limit outside group event promotions to 1 post per week.

  • If it seems like someone is attempting to use Hogsmeade Weekenders only to promote their own group and/or business (i.e. never participating online or attending events except for promoting their own interests) promotional post restrictions may be enforced.

Promotional posts for corporate businesses, goods and services unrelated to Harry Potter and the Wizarding World, manufactured/retail products, etc. are discouraged and will be removed at Admin’s discretion.

  • DO post a link to your Etsy page or your small business as a professional seamstress.

  • DO post a link to those cool HP dishes or pop figures you saw at Target.

  • DO post links to a book, series, or podcast recommendation.

  • DON’T post links promoting non-HP sales or merchandise for the corporation you work for.

Facebook & Forum Posting Etiquete

Digital Media Code of Conduct

In these digital times, it can be tempting to want to document every aspect of every experience, but please respect the “safe space” of our group.


1. Please do not take pictures or film anyone without their consent.


2. When helping each other take photos, try to use that person's camera/phone to take photos of them so they have control of choosing and posting photos of themselves.


3. If you take photos/video of someone and want to post, ask if it's okay to do so.


4. Also ask if it's okay to tag them before you post.


5. If someone asks you to take down a photo or video of themselves- just do it. Period.


6. Respect people's boundaries. If they don't want photos and/or video posted, untag themselves from your posts or are unresponsive to messages, give them some space. Let them contact you before contacting them again.


Failure to respect the boundaries of anyone in this group or violating any of the above rules/guidelines will result in a warning at the least. After 2 warnings, you will be removed from all platforms, blocked from all social media and banned from all future events. 

Digital Media Code of Conduct

Volunteer Bylaws

Do your best to create an inclusive, friendly, welcoming atmosphere online and in person. 


Please do not use your involvement with Hogsmeade Weekenders to influence treatment with other groups, conventions and/or businesses. For example (but not limited too):

  • Threatening for our group to boycott an establishment where you received bad customer service. 

  • Asking for a free badge to a convention because you volunteer for Hogsmeade Weekenders.

  • Promise the support of Hogsmeade Weekenders in return for goods, services, social media promotions and/ or “clout.”


Do not negotiate group collaborations without express approval from JoJo.


For collaboration consideration, any outside group must be carefully vetted to ensure they embrace the inclusive, “safe space” atmosphere that is the heart of Hogsmeade Weekenders.

Volunteer Bylaws
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Volunteer Roles & Responsibilities

Interested in volunteering? Send us an email at

Welcome Witch/Wizard 

The person in this role is responsible for adding new group members and welcoming them in a post. This person also handles birthday shout out posts and helps guide new members to the Sorting Ceremony doc and their house common rooms. 


Necessary skills: Excel/Google spreadsheets, willingness to check Facebook daily for new members.

Currently held by: Shannon Coburn

Instagram Manager

The person in this role will be responsible for scheduling & managing posts on the Hogsmeade Weekender Instagram. One post per day. Promptly respond to comments, DMs & tagged posts. 


Necessary skills: Social media management experience preferred. Experience with Hootesuite, Latergramme or other social media scheduling apps. Willingness/ability to learn via free online resources is encouraged. Copywriting and/or photography experience is a huge plus. Must be able to check Instagram daily.

Currently held by: Sarah Bliss

Hogsmeade Treasurer

First duty is managing our Hogsmeade Weekender PayPal account. This person also coordinates/facilitates requesting and/or collecting information for: (1) donations for giveaways, (3) auction donations (4) auction winners & payment and (5) vendor submissions for craft fairs


Necessary skills: Excel/ Google spreadsheets, communication skills, willingness to be available during special event auctions, minimum 2 years membership in the group, irreproachable trustworthiness and the ability to confidently handle financial transactions including collecting payments and sending invoices via PayPal. Experience selling at craft fairs and/or cons, huge plus. 

Currently held by: Odelia Shohet

Photography Librarian

Time to move our photos off my phone! The Photography Librarian will be responsible for creating/maintaining a photo library for the group on Google Drive. This includes sorting, organizing and labeling image files so they’re easy to find for social posts. For example a member’s birthday, house pride days, seasons/holidays and character birthdays. 


Necessary skills: Well-organized, detail-oriented, methodical. Must have access to Google Drive in order to access the shared folder. Photoshop for resizing/touching up photos is a huge plus. 

Currently held by: Mandy Gabrielle Reyes

Weekender Blog Editor

Blog Editor is responsible for maintaining a positive, inclusive and informative tone, creating a cohesive visual tone, proofreading/editing posts, and optimizing posts/pages for SEO.

Works with Blog Manager to ensure relevant/entertaining posts are published at a regular cadence to be determined. 


Necessary skills: Blogging/online content writing experience, exceptional grammar/writing skills, SEO experience and familiarity with editing in Wix/ Wordpress are a must. Experience managing/leading a team is preferred. Must be able to create and execute a vision for online content  in line with the mission statement of Hogsmeade Weekenders. 

Currently held by: OPEN (interim JoJo Mrgich)

Blog Manager

First duty is managing the Weekender blog on, and will be primarily pitching, writing and publishing regular blog posts on a cadence to be determined. They will be highly involved in creating/maintaining a publishing schedule and coordinating writers. Photography may also be required. 


Necessary skills: Must be available to attend most in-person events and a passion for story-telling is required. Will report to the blog editor, must be open to receiving edits and training to improve skills. Computer skills sufficient for working in Wix blog editor are a must. Strong writing skills, SEO knowledge and photography are major bonuses. 

Currently held by: OPEN

Official Hogsmeade Resident

We are privileged to have several cast members in Hogsmeade Weekenders. When there are questions specifically about visiting the park, there’s no one better to offer expert advice. With 6 years of working in the park, Rachid is here to answer any park-related questions based on his experience. It is important to note, that although Rachid is a N.E.W.T.  level expert, he is not representing Universal in this role.


Necessary skills: Friendly, knowledgeable, willing/able to keep an eye out for park-related questions to offer an expert opinion and/or advice.

Currently held by: Rachid Frihi

Official Photographer

As we continue to grow there is an ongoing need for new, high-quality photos for our Instagram account, website and blog. The photographer’s main job will be to get a good group photo at each event and take photos of attendees for our socials and website. The photographer will be open-minded and above all inclusive, taking photos of all who wish to be photographed. 


Necessary skills: Must be able to commit to attending a majority of in-person events. Friendly, outgoing and able to communicate clearly. Above all, the photographer must be respectful of boundaries and able to take photos in a way that makes attendees feel included and comfortable.

Currently held by: Rachael Vaughan

Game Master

When we have game days, or games as part of IRL (in-person) events, this person will be in charge of bringing the games, setting them up and teaching people how to play.


Necessary skills: This person has access to a variety of games and doesn’t mind trucking them around! This person should also be patient, good at teaching people and willing to hang around gaming areas to keep everything running smoothly.

Currently held by: Rachael Vaughan

House Prefects

Prefects’ main duty is to keep an eye on the timeline/house threads in our private Hogsmeade Weekender Facebook group. However, prefects may choose to post challenges/activities for house points at any time using these guidelines:


  • Schedule the post in Google calendar (to avoid double posting)

  • Record points at the end of the month or when the challenge closes

  • Apply K I S S philosophy to challenge posts


Necessary skills: Prefects must be online and checking in with the group regularly, and are added to the Prefects message thread for regular discussion regarding points challenges. Must be out-going and friendly— willing to message or tag anyone in their house as needed. Access to Google Drive is mandatory.


Ravenclaw: Karen Uribe, open for additional applicants

Gryffindor: Robin Wykoff, Mandy Arnold, Rachid Frihi, no open positions

Sytherin: Heather Wykoff, open for additional applicants

Hufflepuff: Margaret Paredes-Rivas, Mandy Gabrielle Reyes


If you're interested in any open positions, please send us an email at

Volunteer Roles & Responsibilities
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