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5‌ ‌Slytherin‌ ‌TikToks‌ ‌Every‌ ‌Proud‌ ‌Serpent‌ ‌Needs‌ ‌to‌ ‌See‌

What’s in a Name?

Call them what you will: thirst traps or nerd traps, conducted as solo TikToks, duets, or stitches. We don’t care how you identify them because we love them all!

There are so many to choose from that we could spend hours, days even, watching great (of course) Slytherin TikTok content! Don’t have days to spend, scrolling through the Slytherin TikTok Common Room?

Never fear, we have you covered! Here are five fun Slytherin TikToks perfect for celebrating Slytherin pride, in no particular order:

The best Slytherin TikTok welcome

It’s really nice to belong, isn’t it? After you’ve been sorted, dapper Professor Borogrove, played by @angvs8, welcomes you to Slytherin house, dispensing wisdom in the common room and dormitory. It's always the perfect time for your introduction to Slytherin TikTok.

The boy who would be Malfoy, Draco Malfoy

Central to the Slytherin story is Draco Malfoy. Some love him. Some hate him. Some love to hate him. Whatever your relationship to the character, we think @owen.vallance has some of the best Malfoy attitude that TikTok has to offer.

We’re especially fond of this Slytherin TikTok where Malfoy teases Potter, yet again.

Bad to the bone Slytherin TikTok

How would you feel after being locked up in Azkaban for years? Angry? Wild? Bent on revenge with a singular-minded determination? Obsessed, even? Bellatrix Lestrange is no stranger to all these emotions and more.

@hythrall brings that energy into play in her spooky Lestrange videos. Like this Slytherin TikTok that gives us a bit of a chill. Maybe it’s the fog.

Thirst trap? Nerd trap? You decide.

Though we really enjoy his Tom Riddle TikTok (you should check it out), we love this duet between Slytherin @ashvalmont and @charliecastles who’s a Ravenclaw. But we won’t hold that against him. Much.

Head over and take peek at what these house representatives are up to in this spicy Slytherin TikTok. Beware viewing with younger Slytherins, some of his content is for older viewers.

Best show us your merch Slytherin TikTok

No list would be complete without a Harry Potter collection. This proud Slytherin @bindyrooz gives us a guided tour of her HP hoard. She also has a whole shelf dedicated to her Slytherin collection.

Take the tour and then be sure to check out her other Slytherin TikTok content. We particularly like the one of Slytherin inspired outfits. We liked it so much that we had to toss a sickle to see which one we’d include.

But wait, there’s more! (Bonus entry)

We couldn’t leave out the actor who portrayed bad boy Slytherin student Draco Malfoy, Tom Felton! Tom’s TikTok handle is @t22felton and, while you might not see him dressed up as Malfoy, you can certainly check in on what he’s up to these days.

We think this particular Tom Felton TikTok is especially sweet. Did we mention that he also does a fair amount of duets?

How’d we do with our Slytherin TikTok round up?

Did our magic work for you, or did it leave you feeling like we lost the House Cup? Grab a bit of electronic parchment and quill and let us know in the comments!

...and if you have any other favorite Slytherin TikToks post a portkey (link). We’d love to see them.

One lucky commenter will be chosen at random to win a Slytherin notebook and matching face mask!


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