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homemade harry potter chocolate golden snitches treats arranged on a gold and gray hogwarts crest plate

Greetings Students! It looks like we have reached the end of the Quidditch Season puzzles and themed games for Hogsmeade Weekenders.

I hope that you all had fun putting together the images of Quidditch players, teams and games from the past and present. Cheering along with your favorite house team as they battled hard racking up those house points attempting to attain glory!

As we come to the end of the month's theme, it's only fitting that it’s closed out the same way that any Quidditch match ends— by catching the golden snitch! Or in this case, making one out of something even more precious: chocolate!

In this post you’ll find a quick rundown of how I made chocolate golden snitches. It’s not a full step-by-step tutorial, but it has some great tips for making molded chocolate treats. Think of it as just a little tease of more recipes to come!

First off, let’s talk about the items that I used to put together these dessert treats. The important thing is the snitch ice cube mold, which is currently available at William Sonoma's website.

While it’s generally used for making ice cubes for your favorite butterbeer-flavored whiskey, I have had endless uses for it in the kitchen. Molding foods into the wonderfully winged, elusive Quidditch ball. Think Jell-O® desserts or frozen fruit treats.

I used a couple different melting chocolates. What you will be able to find at your local store will vary, but anything that you can melt over a double boiler will work. I highly recommend checking a bakery supply shop. I found these butterscotch chocolates to give my chocolates a little butterbeer taste to the finished product.

Pro tip: Once you temper your chocolate and then pour it into the snitch mold halves, make sure you swirl it around to get every corner to get a good chocolate shell covering.

Let them chill and solidify before filling with the goodies of your choice. You can create hot chocolate bombs, fill them with little boozy cherries, or just put in wafer crisps, before topping them off and sealing with chocolate.

Once you let that last layer cool down, plopping them out of the mold is really easy. Now you have wonderful chocolate snitches you can enjoy in your house's common room thinking about how Fred and George smacked those bludgers around like they were cornish pixies.

Or hey, you can surprise a Potter friend and score extra friendship points, 150 to be exact! It will not only brighten their day but chocolate will, of course, make them feel better (and you’ll impress Madame Pomfrey that you know your remedies). As any wizard worth their weight in galleons knows, chocolate always makes anything better!

There you have it, a little quick idea on making chocolate golden snitches. While not a full on tutorial, I hope this inspired you to come up with some chocolate snitches of your own.

Now on for the real question...which Weekender quidditch team caught the figurative golden snitch and has won the house championship this month?


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