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Flitwick’s Finds: 3 Magical Home Décor Pieces

Now that we're spending more time at home then ever, why not make it a little more magical? Whether your going for a glammed out Malfoy Manor, capturing the coziness of The Burrow or recreating your house common room, Harry Potter décor feels like home.

StevenMcAvoya is a small business on Etsy with amazing rugs that cater to a wide range of fandoms. The Harry Potter rugs are the perfect for any witch or wizard's home. Multiple sizes make it easy to incorporate this rug into the design of any room

They have multiple designs, including a map of the Hogwart's grounds and, of course, The Maurader's Map. Apparate on over and choose the best one for your magical space.

The Hogwarts house candle holder from FeldhusenDesigns lights up any room with your Hogwarts pride! This carved wooden Harry Potter candle holder is perfect for burning candles, disguising battery-operated candles or sprucing up your oil warmer.

Add some lumos to any room with candles from the Etsy shop, ChamberOfRequirement. In this ship you'll find jewelry and candles for fit for any Harry Potter fan. Perfect for gifting, the soy candles come in a variety of scent themes including your Hogwarts house, The Forbidden Forest, and even Lockhart's hair care products!

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