Flitwick's Finds: Magical Merch Grab Bag

This week’s Flitwick’s Finds we will be taking a look at three brilliant shops.

The first is Cutie’s Craft Lab run by Weekender, Odelia Shohet. She has a multitude of options when it comes to fandom-inspired wood-burned signs, plaques, trunks and boxes.

We especially love the Ollivander's sign that's perfect to hang above your collection of wands, which for most of us is ever-expanding!

A regular on the local Harry Potter craft scene, Cutie's Craft Lab launched her own website within the last year or so, and it's fantastic.

Especially the free shipping on all orders. Commissions and custom orders are available via contacting through the website or through social @cutiescraftlab.

Our next shop is Etsy store Thatch Cottage Crafts which sells an amazing personlized Harry Potter bookmark that's customizable for every house and name. Made to look like an authentic Hogwarts library borrowing card, this bookmark makes every book a bit more magical!

Perfect for book-lovers and gifting, Thatch Cottage Crafts has magical deals available too. Right now get 30% off your order when you buy three or more bookmarks with code: GOLDENTRIO at checkout. Check their Etsy page for the most current deal.

What's best way to not burn yourself when warming up those delicious leftovers from the feast last night? House-themed bowl cozies from Suzie Ques Creations of course. They come in every house and are even reversible. Not only does she have bowl cozies, she also carries craft project bags, table runners, pillowcases, and a blanket or two!

Is there something missing from your wizarding collection? Are you shopping for something especially enchanting? Let us know in the comments, it might make our list!


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