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Flitwick's Finds: Slytherin Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

Unique fan-made merch to charm any Slytherin!

On this week’s Flitwick’s Finds we will be featuring items for our Slytherin spirit week!

Perhaps in Slytherin

You'll make your real friends,

Those cunning folks use any means

To achieve their ends.

Ambitious, cunning and shrewd Snakes often get a bad wrap because we only see one side of Slytherin house in the books and movies. When in fact, Slytherins great leaders because their ambition allows them to think and dream big.

Slytherins can often see past the problems of the individual and channel their ambition to fix the system that creates problems for individuals. Cunning and shrewd thinking makes them excellent at executing plans.

So celebrate that special Slytherin in your life with a special gift that shouts house pride!

Best Slytherin gifts for potterbounders & fashionistas

A gorgeous Green snake ouroboros necklace that's the perfect piece to add to any Slytherin cosplay or Potterbound. It comes in many lengths for Slytherins of all sizes and can be worn as a necklace or wrapped around as bracelet.

Made by ElkaBeadsArt in St. Petersburg Russia and ships to the United States, this necklace is made with Czech beads and a crocheted bead technique that makes it especially strong. T

he ElkaBeadsArt Etsy shop also has silver version, and several varieties of different types of snakes that would make equally stunning Slytherin gifts.

Slytherin gift box from Zeline's Muggle Shop, custom-engraved Slytherin flask from Bela Vida Gift Shop

Best Slytherin gift for birthdays & care packages

Available in four different styles, the Slytherin gift boxes from ZelinesMuggleShop on Etsy are perfect for your favorite Hogwarts student or administrator.

The boxes come in Student, Prefect, Head of House or Headmaster gift box varieties. Each box includes includes collective, edible and self-care items. ZelinesMuggleShop has reviews and a crafty mind to put together these amazing gift box/ care packages for our beloved Slytherins!

Best Slytherin gift for the snake that likes to party

A custom-engraved Slytherin crest flask is a great way to store your Polyjuice potion or any potion one may need to keep hidden from muggles. Made from stainless steel, it can hold 8 oz of liquid and comes with an optional gift box that includes two cups and a funnel.

BelaVidaGiftShop is located in Fullerton California and has an average of 5 stars on Etsy. The shop includes more Hogwarts flasks including all the houses and the school crest. Plus they have tons of other fandoms like Lord of the Rings, Batman and more. All that can be personalized!

Slytherin wood letter from Meraki Art Official, Slytherin pride blankent from Personalze as U Wish

Slytherin-pride home décor gifts

MerakiArtOfficial Etsy shop is based right in our own backyard (Los Angeles, CA) and makes custom wooden letters. A custom Slytherin letter is perfect to display in any snake's common room, bedroom, kids' room or family room.

Each letter is handmade with magic and can be personalized. The 5 inch tall letters are each hand painted individually when you place your order.

The coziest Slytherin gift to warm up your fave snake

The Slytherin common room is undoubtedly elegant, but it can get cold under the lake. Keep your favorite Slytherin warm with the Harry Potter Slytherin blanket from personalizeasUwish on Etsy.

Featuring all of Slytherin’s most coveted characters, charms, and relics, this blanket comes in 3 different sizes with an option of personalization. Made of fleece and microfiber with an ultra-soft Sherpa fabric underside you or any one of your beloved Slytherin’s would love this gift.

Talk to us, and enter to win your own Slytherin gift!

We're having so much fun celebrating Slytherin spirit week! Join us in celebrating and check out these 5 amazing Slytherin TikToks from our very own Slytherin, Kelly.

Comment on Kelly's TikTok blog post and you're automatically entered in a drawing to win a cool Slytherin-pride notebook and face mask. What are you waiting for, slither over there, friends!


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