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Flitwick's Finds: Valentine Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

Now that Flitwick’s Finds is on the blog and has more room, we're going to be showcasing a few items from different magical small businesses each week.

To get even more fanmade merch in your life, follow us on Instagram where we regularly shout out magical makers.

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, this is the perfect opportunity to explore unique gift ideas for your favorite witch or wizard.

If you're looking to share some love and lumos this year (with gifts that aren't quite your usual muggle chocolates and roses) this is the place for you.

We hope you enjoy our list of Harry Potter Valentine gifts for 2021.

First up, check out some super sweet printable wizard Valentines Cards from ClearDigitalDesign on Etsy. They're super fun and you can instantly download the files to print as many cards as you like!

harry potter howler card with valentines message inside to send as a valentine card
Valentine howler from Desiree Art Shop

And speaking of cards, what better way to show your love than howling at the moon, or better yet, sending them a sweet Valentine's howler for that special day.

On the DesireeArtShop Etsy page you can find many more muggle Valentines to choose from, plus house crest crayons (so cool!) and custom letter crayon sets you can personalize with your loved one's name.

Our very own Weekender, Kelly, is the talent behind the Etsy page, LunaTiqueLife, a "magical menagerie for passionate souls" and "the slightly sane."

The shop features tons of charming wizard gifts. It's chocked full of delightfully wizard-themed handmade accessories, sculpted figures, magical objects, ornaments and more.

These very cool handmade Witch and Wizard bathroom signs are perfect for sprucing up the loo. They're available in any combination and make a great gift for newlyweds or anniversary gifts for magical couples.

collage of four fanmade harry potter wands with crystal handles in red green blue and yellow for hogwarts house wands
House wands from Bunker and Broomstick

The wand chooses the wizard... but if your favorite witch or wizard is on the hunt for a specific character's wand, BunkerandBroomstick is a great place to find a prop-replica wands.

With over 40 plus character wands to choose from, their wands are made with a metal core and resin casing, making a sturdy wand that will last a long time!

The house wands with crystal handles are also a standout and reviews for the shop are very positive. Fans of the wands love that the metal core makes them sturdy and gives a nice weight to the wand when you're holding it.

Each wand comes in it's own wand box with luxurious velvet lining, perfect for gifting or displaying in a collection.

We hope you're feeling inspired to share some love and lumos with the special witch or wizard in your life. Subscribe now so you never miss out on magical merch finds.

Leave us a comment below and let us know if you're looking for specific fanmade Harry Potter items, we can accio just about anything!


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