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How to Make a DIY Watercolor Bookmark Any Hufflepuff Will Love

What better way to celebrate Hufflepuff Spirit Week than creating your own work of art inspired by our Head of House's favorite subject: Herbology. Even better, it's artwork meant to be used, which is perfect for a hardworking Hufflepuff.

Mimbulus mimbletonias are a great magical plant for artists of all levels because they can be rendered with simple shapes. But you can feel free to experiment with your own magical themes.

My finished mimbulus mimbletonia watercolor bookmark

In this blog post, I'll walk you through painting your own mimbulus mimbletonia watercolor bookmark including:

  • What supplies to use

  • Step-by-step instructions with pictures

  • How to modify this craft project depending on what you have around the house

Supplies you'll need for your watercolor bookmark

  • Watercolor paints in green, brown and yellow or a watercolor palette

  • Watercolor paper (I used Strathmore 400 series for this project)

  • 1-2 small paint brushes

  • Ruler

  • Scissors and/or paper cutter

  • Pencil with eraser

  • Hole puncher

  • Red and white gel pens

  • Thin ribbon or twine

  • Water cup

  • Paper towel

How I measured and cut my bookmark shape

Step 1: Create the basic shape of your bookmark

Use your ruler and pencil to mark out a simple 2 by 6 inch rectangle on the watercolor paper. Cut out the rectangle for your bookmark using your scissors or a paper cutter.

Step 2: Design the top of your watercolor bookmark

To create a traditional shape for the top of your bookmark, you’re basically going to cut off the top corners. Start on the top edge and mark a half inch from the left top corner. Then mark 1 inch down from the left top corner.

Use your ruler to draw a straight line from mark to mark. Repeat on the right side mirroring what you did on the left. So for example you'll start on the top edge marking a half inch from the top right corner.

Cut along the lines, then use your hole punch to punch a whole in the middle top of the bookmark as shown.

Creating the base of my mimbulus mimbletonia

Step 3: Sketch an outline of your mimbulus mimbletonia

Lightly sketch an outline drawing of a mimbulus mimbletonia on your bookmark using simple shapes. Start with a trapezoid shape for the pot.

Then add some circles in various sizes starting at the top of the pot and moving upwards. Overlap the circles randomly to create a feeling of "stacked bubbles."

Pro Tip: Use a reference image while sketching to give you a sense of proportion and placement of your shapes.

Step 4: Add your base watercolors to your bookmark

Using a small brush, lightly wash the pot with brown paint and let dry. Clean your small brush (or switch to a new one) then use green watercolor to paint a light wash on the plant and let dry.

Using different shades of green and gel pens to add dimension and detail

Step 5: Give your watercolor bookmark dimension

Mix browns and yellows with your green to create darker and lighter shades. Use these shades of green to add shadows and highlights to your mimbulus mimbletonia and let dry.

Step 6: Add details on your watercolor bookmark

Pro tip: Once your watercolors are completely dry, you can go back in with gel pens to add any fine details that you want to really stand out.

To get this look, use a red gel pen to randomly add spikes and small circles all over the plant. Then go back with a white gel pen to accent some spikes and fill in some of the red circles.

When your painting is finished and dry, tie a bit of ribbon or twine through the hole at the top. You're finished!

More ways to make your own bookmark

If you don't have the exact supplies to make this watercolor bookmark as shown, that's okay! There are plenty of craft supplies and household items you can use to make your own bookmark. Here's some ideas & solutions if you're missing supplies:

Use a different type of painting method. Acrylic, gouache and paint pens can all be used in a similar manner, starting with your base colors and going back to add fine details.

Get creative finding materials to paint on. If you're not using watercolor paints, you can use just about any other type of thick paper you have around the house. For example, use cardstock or recycle and reuse the thin cardboard from cereal boxes or other packaging.

Try painting other magical things. Other magical plants, magical creatures, potions, broomsticks, the names of characters or spells... there's a whole magical world to explore!

Experiment with a different shape or size. For example, a circle, square or triangle watercolor bookmark would be pretty unique. Some common sizes for bookmarks are 2" x 8", 4" x 4" and 3" x 5".

Share your Hufflepuff art with us!

Did you try our watercolor bookmark? Or have a Hufflepuff craft of your own? Tag us on Instagram and show it off! We love to shout out creative Weekenders.

Use #HWhufflepuffpride for a chance to be featured during our week of celebration!


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