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January is Quidditch Season

Weekenders, get out your broom servicing kits because it's quidditch season! All month long we're celebrating the wizarding world's favorite sport, starting with choosing captains for our new Quidditch Team threads in our private Facebook group.

We also debuted a new style of header for the group featuring the monthly theme... but don't worry, our monthly house champions are still getting a shout out. And what a shout out the Gryffindors deserve! The tenacious lions had been closely trailing our mighty Hufflepuffs for three months before finally taking the top spot.

Some things to look forward to in January are more quidditch-themed puzzles, quizzes and other house point challenges in the Facebook group, a Zoom trivia night, and plenty of quidditch pics on our Instagram feed and stories. In fact, got a pic to share? Tag us for a shout out!

"I tell you, we're going to win that Quidditch cup for sure this year," said Fred. "We haven't won since Charlie left, but this year's team is going to be brilliant."

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