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Mandrake Hunt Raffle & Points Challenge

Earn up to 300 #HWhousepoints & enter to win a prize!

It looks like Professor Sprout's most recent crop of mandrakes wanted to explore outside of the school greenhouse!

Help the Crafty Geek Girls return all the mandrakes to Greenhouse 3 and earn up to 300 house points and 20 raffle entries for a prize drawiing

Get started now tracking down rounding up all 20 of the little lovelies.

Rewards for joining the hunt

  • Earn 10 #HWhousepoints + 1 raffle entry for every mandrake you "capture"

  • 100 bonus points for capturing all 20 mandrakes

Important details for hunting mandrakes

When: Challenge entries accepted now through April 20th, 2021. A special raffle for all who joined the hunt will be held on April 22nd (Earth Day for those who know muggle holidays).

Where: The Hogsmeade Weekenders private Facebook page (including common rooms and quidditch locker rooms so keep an eye out!), @hogsmeadeweekenders and @craftygeekgirls on Instagram and on the Crafty Geek Girls website.

How to join the mandrake hunt

  1. Capture a screen shot of the mandrake - be sure to include as much of the screen as possible so we know where you found them.

  2. Return your mandrake by commenting on the greenhouse post in the Facebook group with the screen shot and your house. Return additional mandrakes by replying to your own comment.

  3. Use this portkey to the greenhouse post to return your mandrakes!

Comment and let us know if you have any questions, or find the greenhouse post for FAQs and quick answers from the Crafty Geek Girls, Heather & Robin Wykoff.

The entry period for this challenge closes at midnight (PST) April 20th, 2021. Happy hunting!

“In March several of the Mandrakes threw a loud and raucous party in greenhouse three. This made Professor Sprout very happy."


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