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Welcome to Hogsmeade Weekenders!

the hogwarts express train coming into hogsmeade station in universal studios hollywood taken by hogsmeade weekenders group

Hello Weekenders, and welcome to our brand new website! After three wonderful and exciting years, Hogsmeade Weekenders finally has our own corner of the internet to call home.

If you're a brand new Weekender, I invite you to get to know our team and read more about Hogsmeade Weekenders. You can learn what we're all about, where we're located and how we're operating today as an online community during the pandemic.

In The Before Times™, the main focus of Hogsmeade Weekenders was to set up in-person meet-ups for Harry Potter fans. We accomplished this using our Facebook group for coordinating events. We stayed connected via Facebook and Instagram in between.

Once the spread of coronavirus rendered in-person meet-ups impossible, we began to rely more and more on the Hogsmeade Weekenders Facebook group. It's become a place to gather, connect, entertain ourselves and support each other.

During an incredibly difficult year, we've found comfort in fundraising for important causes, listening to each other's struggles in isolation, and posting silly Potter stuff just to make each other smile. We've hosted happy hours, Zoom trivia nights, nightly chapter readings, mourned losses and celebrated birthdays.

In many ways, removing our ability to meet-up in person has brought us closer together. Will we be ECSTATIC when the day comes when we can safely gather, hug, cry, throw our arms around each other and take photos again? Yes, absolutely.

But I think that along the way we've learned that our community thrives on a deeper ongoing connection. Connection beyond meeting up at a theme park once in awhile, but instead being able to reach out across any distance to share a moment with our HP family.

While Facebook has served our purposes these past years and will continue to be a hub of online communication... it was time to build something more lasting.

So here we are. It's a bright and shiny new year that has already had significant highs and lows in its very first week. And we have our own bright and shiny new internet home! Like any house, the people are what will make it a home.

“It’s not much,” said Ron. “It’s wonderful,” said Harry happily...

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