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What is Main Street Pumpkin Day?

Main Street Pumpkin Day is an unofficial theme day held at Disneyland each October. Anyone with a valid Disneyland ticket and reservation is welcome to join us for a fun dress-up day celebrating the Halloween decor at Disneyland, especially the Main Street Pumpkins. The event is hosted by JoJo's So Creative and Hogsmeade Weekenders and is in no way affiliated with The Walt Disney Company.

Follow Main Street Pumpkin Day on Instagram and visit our Facebook page for event info and updates.

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Disney adventures with Hogsmeade Weekenders

Both Hogsmeade Weekenders and Main Street Pumpkin Day were founded by JoJo Mrgich, also known as @jojossoceative on Instagram. In fact, you can read all about that journey on the JoJo's So Creative website. Here, let's talk about how a bunch of Potterheads ended up at the happiest place on Earth.

Firstly, Weekenders love a lot of fandoms besides HP, especially Disney, Star Wars, fantasy, and sci-fi. So we’ve recently overhauled our group to celebrate all the things we love. Secondly, our group was actually founded on the principles of inclusivity, and sadly, JKR’s transphobic views make it difficult for many of us to find as much joy in the fandom as we once did.

With these things in mind, the Weekender admin team has dedicated itself to crafting events and hosting meetups in a wider variety of places, celebrating a wider variety of fandoms. While we've met up at a couple Dapper Days, Main Street Pumpkin Day is the first time Hogsmeade Weekenders will be hosting an event just for our Disney hearts. We're so excited to spend the day at Disneyland doing spooky stuff and meeting new friends to welcome into our magical community.


If you're a maker, small business, or influencer and would like to get involved with Main Street Pumpkin Day we'd love to hear from you!

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