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Non-Negotiable Rules

Respect others online and in person at all times.


Violent or unwanted physical contact will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

  • Such behavior and will result in immediate removal from all platforms and the individual will be blocked from all social media and banned from all future events. 


Hostile, hateful and/or threatening behavior and/or speech is not tolerated.

  • Individuals may receive one warning (depending on severity) before being removed from all platforms, blocked from all social media and banned from all future events. 

Unacceptable behavior and/or speech can include, but is not limited to:

  • Hitting, kicking, slapping, pinching, spitting, etc.

  • Unwanted sexual or flirtatious behavior

  • Racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, ableist, ageist and/or derogatory remarks towards any group or individual 

  • Anything interpreted as hate speech or anything remotely of the kind

Facebook Posting Etiquette

Overtly political, snarky, rude, offensive and/or deliberately mean posts may be removed by admin at any time and will result in a warning. Repeat offenses can result in removal from the Facebook group and/or forum page(s) on

Inaccurate and/or duplicate posts may also be removed (for example several people sharing the same event or sharing an event with incorrect dates/times or a broken link). 

Posting your fandom-themed creations is encouraged. If you sell handmade crafts PLEASE promote and share, but keep it limited to one promotional post per week.

Feel free to share events hosted by other groups (the more the merrier!) following a few basic guidelines: 

  • No repeat posts please. Only post each event once. 

  • Limit outside group event promotions to 1 post per week.

  • If it seems like someone is attempting to use Hogsmeade Weekenders only to promote their own group and/or business (i.e. never participating online or attending events except for promoting their own interests) promotional post restrictions may be enforced.

Promotional posts for corporate businesses, goods and services unrelated to fandoms (i.e. nerd stuff), manufactured/retail products, etc. are discouraged and will be removed at Admin’s discretion.

  • DO post a link to your Etsy page or your small business as a professional seamstress.

  • DO post a link to those cool Disney dishes or pop figures you saw at Target.

  • DO post links to a book, series, or podcast recommendation.

  • DON’T post links promoting non-fandom related sales or merchandise for the corporation you work for.

Digital Media Code of Conduct

In these digital times, it can be tempting to want to document every aspect of every experience, but please respect the “safe space” of our group.


1. Please do not take pictures or film anyone without their consent.


2. When helping each other take photos, try to use that person's camera/phone to take photos of them so they have control of choosing and posting photos of themselves.


3. If you take photos/video of someone and want to post, ask if it's okay to do so.


4. Also ask if it's okay to tag them before you post.


5. If someone asks you to take down a photo or video of themselves- just do it. Period.


6. Respect people's boundaries. If they don't want photos and/or video posted, untag themselves from your posts or are unresponsive to messages, give them some space. Let them contact you before contacting them again.


Failure to respect the boundaries of anyone in this group or violating any of the above rules/guidelines will result in a warning at the least. After 2 warnings, you will be removed from all platforms, blocked from all social media and banned from all future events. 

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