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Volunteer Bylaws

Do your best to create an inclusive, friendly, welcoming atmosphere online and in person. 


Please do not use your involvement with Hogsmeade Weekenders to influence treatment with other groups, conventions and/or businesses. For example (but not limited too):

  • Threatening for our group to boycott an establishment where you received bad customer service. 

  • Asking for a free badge to a convention because you volunteer for Hogsmeade Weekenders.

  • Promise the support of Hogsmeade Weekenders in return for goods, services, social media promotions and/ or “clout.”


Do not negotiate group collaborations without express approval from JoJo.


For collaboration consideration, any outside group must be carefully vetted to ensure they embrace the inclusive, “safe space” atmosphere that is the heart of Hogsmeade Weekenders.

Interested in volunteering? Right now we are capped at 5 group admin due to limits for certain software we use. However, if you have a unique skill set you want to volunteer, please email us at

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